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  1、Don't delay it once you make a decision。 To do anything! Immediate action!一旦做出决定就不要拖延。任何事情想到就往做!立即行动!

  2、Diligently strive after the spirit of progress, is a sign marking and superior one's victory。孜孜以求进步的精神,是一个人的优越的标记与胜利的征兆。

  3、If you think your teacher is tough, wait until you get a boss。 The boss has no term limit。如果你认为你的老师严厉,等你有了老板再这样想。老板可是没有任期限制的。

  4、Our top 20 talent away, then I tell you, Microsoft will become a be of little company。把我们顶尖的20个人才挖走,那么我告诉你,微软会变成一家无足轻重的公司。

  5、In the birth of the many wonderful ideas are from the top of it, not as far as the top。在微软诞生的众多绝妙想法都是来自于顶端吗不尽然。

  6、Have extraordinary ambition, just have special achievement。有非凡志向,才有非凡成就。

  7、We do not understand the technical management staff, because, to seek the balance between technology and governance to do not trouble。我们没有不懂技术的治理职员,由于,往寻求技术和治理之间的平衡尽不费力。

  8、A great opportunity is not equal to success。机会大,并不等于你就会成功。

  9、At any time, the manager has a more mature mission to the staff。治理者在任何时候,任何情况下都有使员工们更加成熟的使命。

  10、A lot of people like to delay, their opponent's head is not doing well, but not to do, this is the biggest bad habits。很多人喜欢拖延,他们对手头的事情不是做不好,而是不去做,这是最大的恶习。

  11、Because of the lack of teamwork and the failure of the business enterprise, more than the failure of the other reasons。由于缺乏团队合作而失败的工商企业,比由于其他原因而失败的要多。

  12、Microsoft Corp hiring a job is really unique vision。微软公司雇用工作狂真是眼光独到。

  13、To praise someone, the best to write down if you want to put it down in black and white; scold sb, is to use the phone, leaving no trace。要赞扬某人,最好用白纸黑字写下来;若要训斥某人,则要用电话的方式,不留痕迹。

  14、Our goal is not to become a device center, but to become a user center。我们的目标不是成为设备中心,而是要成为用户中心。

  15、Instead of doing a strain of oasis in the grass, is not as good as the oak tree, a bald hill, the grass no personality, and oak heads held high in the sky。与其做一株绿洲中的小草,还不如做一棵秃丘中的橡树,由于小草毫无个性,而橡树昂首天穹。

  16、I was so lucky to find out my hobby, and I was so fascinated, so far。我很幸远,年纪轻轻就发现我的爱好,而且令我如此着迷,至今还是如此。

  17、The most terrible enemy, is not a strong belief。最可怕的敌人,就是没有坚强的信念。

  18、When your efforts are in sync with the times, you will have a negligible impact on society。当你的努力与时代同步时,你就会对社会产生不可忽略的影响。

  19、TV is not real life。 In real life, everyone has to leave the coffee shop and go to work。电视上演的并非真实人生。现实生活中每人都要离开咖啡馆往工作。

  20、Know the importance of learning, to learn what to learn and what to learn, this is the important experience of Mr。 Bill and Microsoft's continued success。知道学习的重要性,知道该向谁学和学习什么,这正是比尔先生及其微软不断取得成功的重要经验。

  21、If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get a boss。如果你认为学校里的老师过于严厉,那么等你有了老板再回头想一想。

  22、Hold on, success will be waiting for you at the next corner!坚持下去,成功就在下一个街角处等着你!

  23、Television is not real life。 In real life people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs。电视并不是真实的生活。在现实生活中,人们实际上得离开咖啡屋去干自己的工作。

  24、Innovation is the only way to do it。创新是做至公司唯一之路。

  25、For customers to keep their commitments, this service is very important。对客户信守承诺,这一服务准则非常重要。

  26、Let your impatient customers is your biggest source of learning。让你最不耐烦的客户是你最大的学习来源。

  27、When you encountered setbacks in their career, the idea of "retreat", you should be paid attention to, which is the most dangerous!当你在事业上遇到挫折,有“打退堂鼓”的念头时,你应该加以注意,这是最危险的时候!

  28、Business development needs the opportunity, but the opportunity for a vision of the leaders, once also enough。企业发展需要的是机会,而机会对于有眼光的领导人来说,一次也就够了。

  29、Success begins with the idea, but only such an idea, but no action, or no success。成功开始于想法,但是,只有这样的想法,却没有付出行动,还是不可能成功的。

  30、When you encounter setbacks in their careers, have beat a retreat motive, you should pay attention to, this is the most dangerous time!当你在事业上碰到挫折,有打退堂鼓的动机时,你应该加以留意,这是最危险的时候!

  31、It is important to celebrate success, but it is more important to learn from the lessons of failure。为成功而庆祝是应该的,但更重要的是吸取失败的教训。

  32、A company to develop quickly and effective in hiring a good talent, especially the need for smart people。一个公司要发展迅速得力于聘用好的人才,尤其是需要聪明的人才。

  33、Microsoft Corp is no other company can be compared in courage and momentum for people on the show。微软公司在用人上所表现出的胆略与气势是别的公司无可相比的。

  34、Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity。 Your grandparents had a different word for burger flipping they called it opportunity "。卖汉堡包并不会有损于你的尊严。你的祖父母对卖汉堡包有着不同的理解,他们称之为“机遇”。

  35、There is no secret to success, they are only adapted to the development of the times。成功都并没有什么秘密,他们只不过是适应了时代发展的变化。

  36、g people fail, that is, the failure of doing things at the point of the rash。轻率和疏忽所造成的祸患不相上下。有很多青年人之所以失败,就是败在做事轻率这一点上。

  37、If you have already made a big plan, use the best efforts to achieve the goal in your life。如果你已经制定了一个远大的计划,那么就在你的生命中,用最大的努力去实现这个目标吧。

  38、No savvy entrepreneurs, the response is not sensitive enough, it is difficult to get their own company to do the fire。没有悟性的创业者,反应就不够灵敏,很难把自己的公司办得火起来。

  39、If you can accomplish nothing, it's not your parents' fault, so don't whine about your mistakes, learn from them。假如你一事无成,不是你父母的错,所以不要对自己犯的错发牢骚,从错误中往学习。

  40、The world does not care about your self-esteem, only care about the results you have done, and then go to emphasize your feelings。这个世界并不在乎你的自尊,只在乎你做出来的成绩,然后再去强调你的感受。

  41、The path to success is a strategic route, and it should be on track from the beginning。成功的轨迹作为一种策略路线,从一开始就应该走上正轨。

  42、People realize the success is often experienced more failures, they just stand up from failure and continue to move forward。人们所认识到的是成功者往往经历了更多的失败,只是他们从失败中站起来并继续向前。

  43、The world does not care about your self-esteem, only care about the results you have done, and then to exaggerate your feelings。这个世界并不在乎你的自尊,只在乎你做出来的成绩,然后再往夸大你的感受。

  44、Looking forward to the next century, the real leader is bound to be the one who gives hope。展望下一个新世纪,真正的领袖必将是那些给人以希望的人。

  45、If a manager does not understand the work of his subordinates, he cannot effectively manage them。一个管理者如果不了解其下属的工作,那他就无法有效地管理他们。

  46、In this world, no one can make you fall。 If your faith is still standing。在这个世界上,没有人能使你倒下。假如你自己的信念还站立的话。

  47、This is the best time to enter the business world, the next 10 years will be the change to be more than the sum of the past 50 years。这是进入商界的最佳时机,未来10年将要进行的改变将超过过去50年的总和。

  48、Microsoft Corp is another company in the courage and boldness There is nothing comparable to this people show。微软公司在用人上所表现出的胆略与气魄是别的公司无可比拟的。

  49、Good habits are mainly rely on the people's self constraint, or by the people to see the negative。好的习惯主要是依靠于人的自我约束,或者说靠人对自我欲看的否定。

  50、The world won't care about your self-esteem。 It's counting on you to accomplish something before you feel good about yourself。这个世界并不会在意你的自尊。它指望你在自我感觉良好之前先要有所成就。

  51、Every three years or so, the enterprise must carry out a full range of all aspects of their business in a strict assessment, which is the key。每隔三年左右,企业必须对自己业务的方方面面进行一次全方位的严格评估,这点至为关键。

  52、Religion is not very effective, but there are many things waiting for us to do in the early hours of Sunday morning!只是在时间分配方面,宗教并非非常有效,星期天早晨有很多事等着我们去做呢!

  53、If you do, at least make it look good。如果你确实做不好,那么至少让它看起来好。

  54、The world does not care about your self-esteem, but requires you to feel good about yourself before you have a success。这个世界并不会在意你的自尊,而是要求你在自我感觉良好之前先有所成就。

  55、Every success is a choice, and it is only a different choice to get a different common success。每项事业成功都离不开选择,而只有不同平常的选择才会获取不同平常的成功。

  56、Don't miss the good boy, once found must be determined, otherwise you will just miss the person or opportunity with them!千万不要错过那些好小子,一旦发现必须下定决心,不然你会与他们失之交臂!

  57、Life is not fair, you need to adapt to it。生活是不公平的,你要去适应它。

  58、Recognized as a success experience more failures, they just stand up from failure and continue to move forward。人们所认识的是成功者经历了更多的失败,只是他们从失败中站起来并继续向前。

  59、Life is not fair, be used to it。生活是不公平的,要去适应它。

  60、I don't know whether God really exists, but I believe that religion is worth it我不知道上帝是否真的存在,但我认为宗教的原则值得赞同。

  61、While action may not necessarily lead to satisfactory results, but not to take action to do not meet the results。固然行动不一定能带来令人满足的结果,但不采取行动就尽无满足的结果而言。

  62、If you think your boss is fierce, and so you do the boss will know, the boss is not working term security。假如你觉得你的老板很凶,等你做了老板就知道,老板是没有工作任期保障的。

  63、This is the best time to enter the business, the next year will be more than the sum of the past year。这是进入商界的最佳时机,未来年将要进行的改变将超过过去年的总和。

  64、Success is a bad teacher。 It is a wise man who is tempted to think that they will not lose。成功是一个差劲的老师,它诱使聪明人认为他们不会输。

  65、Hold on to your success, and you will be waiting for you at the next corner。坚持下往,成功就在下一个街角处等着你。

  66、Failure is not a bad thing, a failure can teach you a lot, and even more useful than you have learned in college。失败并非坏事,一次失败能教会你很多,甚至比你大学里所学的还有用。

  67、It is not a shame to work in a fast food restaurant, and your grandfather has a different opinion about it。在快餐店打工并不可耻,你的祖父对煎汉堡有不同的看法:机会。

  68、Failure is inevitable, but as long as the implementation is always, always receive unexpected results。失败是不可避免的,但只要贯彻始终,总能收到意想不到的成效。

  69、Success has two important premise: one is decisive, patience is two。获得成功有两个重要的前题:一是果断,二是忍耐。

  70、For a good book, your future is likely to be one of them。对书呆子好一点,你未来很可能就为其中一个工作。

  71、Unless you can let people see or feel the influence of action, you can not let people excited。除非你能够让人们看到或者感受到行动的影响力,否则你无法让人们激动。

  72、Rich with expertise, armed with knowledge of the mind。 Each person has the knowledge and the skill, the beggar is same, but you have not found it。用特长致富,用知识武装头脑。每个人都有知识和特长,乞丐也一样,只是你自己没发现而已。

  73、Bankruptcy is a temporary predicament, poverty is a state of mind。破产是一种暂时的困境,贫困是一种思想的状态。

  74、I believe that if you give people the problem and give a solution, people will take action。我相信如果你给人们问题的同时给以解决方案,人们必将采取行动。

  75、Be kind to those you hate, because you know, you will work for such a person。善待你所厌恶的人,由于说不定哪一天你就会为这样的一个人工作。

  76、Without the enthusiasm of the operators, but also education is not a dedicated staff。没有热忱的经营者,也就教育不出敬业的员工。

  77、When you know the needs of the customer, you must be willing to think about how to make the product more close to and help customers。当你了解客户的需求后,你必须乐于思考如何让产品更贴近并帮助客户。

  78、The more time you spend on a project, the shorter the time you need to finish the work。你用于计划的时间越长,你完成工作所需要的时间就越短。

  79、In this world, no one can make you fall。 If your own beliefs are still standing。在这个世界上,没有人能使你倒下。如果你自己的信念还站立的话。

  80、Our top man was away, so I tell you, Microsoft will become a be of little company。把我们顶尖的个人才挖走,那么我告诉你,微软会变成一家无足轻重的公司。

  81、Life is not fair, get used to it。人生是不公平的,习惯接受吧。

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