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  1、Professor of philosophy can not, philosophical thinker is always the cause。哲学无法教授,哲学永远是思想者的事业。

  2、Pain is forced to leave the place。痛苦就是被迫离开原地。

  3、A man was saying must be true, but he did not need to say that he knows it。一个人说出来的话必须是真的,但是他没有必要把他知道的都说出来。

  4、The world's most amazing is that my head and heart Splendid Star ethics。世上最奇妙的是我头上灿烂星空和内心的道德准则。

  5、I am in awe, the moral law is the head of the stars and hearts。我所敬畏的,是头上的星空和心中的道德律。

  6、Freedom is not do what you want to do, but does not want to do is not doing。自由不是想干什么就干什么,而是想不干什么就不干什么。

  7、Reason one hand and their own principles, single-handedly brought out the study based on the theory and experiment, went natural。理性一手拿着自己的原理,一手拿来着根据那个原理研究出来和实验,奔赴自然。

  8、Three things help alleviate pains of life: hope, sleep and smiling。三样东西有助于缓解生命的辛劳:希望,睡眠和微笑。

  9、There are two types of people in awe, it is the head of a limitless sky, and the other is the idea of the infinite heart。人有两种敬畏,一个是头顶无限的星空,另一个是内心无限的思想。

  10、The more the more busy we felt strongly that we are alive, the more aware of the existence of our lives。我们越是忙越能强烈地感到我们是活着,越能意识到我们生命的存在。

  11、Obligation philosophy is to remove misunderstanding born fantasy。哲学的义务是,去除因误解而生的幻想。

  12、Freedom is not what makes you want to do, freedom to teach what you do not want to do, you can not do anything。自由不是让你想做什么就做什么,自由是教你不想做什么,就可以不做什么。

  13、The sea is great, except that it beautiful, magnificent, magnanimous, there is a self-purification function。大海之所以伟大,除了它美丽、壮阔、坦荡外,还有一种自我净化的功能。

  14、The more deliberately want comfort and happiness in life, then this person is not truly satisfy more。越是处心积虑地想得到生活上的舒适和幸福,那么这个人就越是得不到真正的满足。

  15、Angry with someone else's mistake to punish themselves。发怒,是用别人的错误来惩罚自己。

  16、Men are likely to be investigated, but the woman did not reveal their secrets。男人是容易被考察的,女人却并不泄露自己的秘密。

  17、Now that I have embarked on this path, then, should not interfere with anything I go along this road。既然我已经踏上这条道路,那么,任何东西都不应妨碍我沿着这条路走下去。

  18、Conscience is an instinct to judge ourselves according to the moral norm, it's not just an ability; it is an instinct。良心是一种根据道德准则来判断自己的本能,它不只是一种能力;它是一种本能。

  19、The disadvantage of a person from his era, but his own virtues and greatness。一个人的缺点来自他的时代,他的美德和伟大却属于自己。

  20、The so-called religion, refers to everything we have to assume the obligations in terms of God's command。所谓的宗教,是指我们的一切义务都要当做上帝的命令而言。

  21、As long as you dutifully, people will respect you sincerely。只要你尽职尽责,人们都会由衷地对你尊敬。

  22、There are two things the more the more they ponder shock and awe, that is ethics Star on my head and my heart。有两件事物越思考就越觉得震撼与敬畏,那便是我头上的星空和我心中的道德准则。

  23、You can enrich the soul of things, but the shining stars of the sky, and my inner moral law。能充实心灵的东西,乃是闪烁着星星的苍穹,以及我内心的道德律。

  24、Honest and better than all the resourcefulness, and it is the basic condition resourcefulness。诚实比一切智谋更好,而且它是智谋的基本条件。

  25、When the love I need when I am not qualified, when I need love, but he left me。当爱情需要我的时候我没有资格,当我需要爱情的时候,他却离我而去。

  26、I was lonely, I was free, I was their emperor。我是孤独的,我是自由的,我就是自己的帝王。

  27、The morality of an act does not depend on its results, but only depends on the intention behind the act。一个行为的道德性不取决于它的结果,而仅仅取决于该行为背后的意图。

  28、No life goals, just without a compass and navigation。没有目标而生活,恰如没有罗盘而航行。

  29、To judge the United States, there should be a cultivated mind。要评判美,就要有一个有修养的心灵。

  30、The so-called religion, our obligation is to be seen as everything is God's command。所谓宗教,就是把我们的义务的一切都看作是神的命令。

  31、Moral first requirement is governed themselves。道德首先被要求的是支配自己。

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