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  1、任何事情要想取得成功,必须肯下苦功,并有坚持到底的毅力。Anything you want to succeed, must be willing to hard work, and hold on to the end of perseverance。

  2、对一个年轻人而言最重要的是个人价值的增加。The most important for a young man is a man of value。

  3、一个人最大的破产是绝望,最大的资产是希望。A person's biggest bankruptcy is desperation, the greatest assets is hope。

  4、感谢黑夜的来临,我知道今天不论有多失败,全新的明天,仍然等待我来证明自己。Thank you for the coming of the night, I know that no matter how failure today, a new tomorrow, still waiting for me to prove himself。

  5、感谢你的支持,不论今天有多挫折,我仍会勇敢地活下去。Thank you for your support, no matter how setback today, I will live bravely。

  6、你必须百分之百的把自己推销给自己。You must be one hundred percent sell himself to himself。

  7、人生伟业的建立,不在能知,乃在能行。The establishment of the great achievement, but can not know, is in the can。

  8、在人生的旅途中,一定要学会自己拯救自己,这样才能在逆境中奋勇前行。In the journey of life, must learn to save themselves, so as to forge forward in adversity。

  9、我们可以自己长得不漂亮,但绝对不能让自己的人生不漂亮。We can not pretty, but absolutely can't let your life not beautiful。

  10、但最重要的,还是今天,是我们今天所要面对的人,所有想做的事。But most of all, still today, is the one we face today, all want to do。

  11、面对困境,我们要坚持自己的信念,就像守住一段珍贵的“沉香”。In the face of difficulties, we should insist on your faith, like to hold a precious "Chen xiang"。

  12、每天晚上疲劳的睡在床上时,才感觉真真切切地过了一天。Every night sleep in a bed of fatigue, felt real a day。

  13、经历过人生的风风雨雨,才能够丰富自己的阅历,理解人生的真谛。Has experienced the ups and downs of life, to enrich their experience, understand the true meaning of life。

  14、哪怕是最没有希望的事情,只要有一个勇敢者去坚持做,到最后就会拥有希望。Even the most no hope things, as long as there is a the brave to insist to do, in the end will have hope。

  15、金钱损失了还能挽回,一旦失去信誉就很难挽回。Lost can also save money, once lost credibility is hard to recover。

  16、拥有梦想只是一种智力,实现梦想才是一种能力。Dream is a kind of intelligence, realize the dream is a kind of ability。

  17、人生会遇到很多障碍,这些障碍就像阻挡我们的布帘子,我们要勇敢地掀起它。Life will encounter many obstacles, these obstacles like stop us cretonne curtain, we want to lift it bravely。

  18、即使爬到最高的山上,一次也只能脚踏实地地迈一步。Even up to the highest hill, a step in a down-to-earth way。

  19、怕吃苦的人苦一辈子,不怕吃苦的人苦一阵子。Fear hardship, bitter for a lifetime, does not fear endures hardship people bitter for a while。

  20、“麻烦”能让你学会很多东西,也是锻炼你自己的机会,因此不要害怕“麻烦”。"Trouble" helps you learn many things, is also a chance to exercise your own, so don't be afraid of "trouble"。

  21、遇到困难时,我们要用自信战胜困难,战胜自己。When in trouble, we need confidence to overcome difficulties, overcome ourselves。

  22、生命本身就是奇迹,每个人都要勇敢地去梦想,勇敢地创造奇迹。Life itself is a miracle, everyone must bravely to dream, the miracle bravely。

  23、受思深处宜先退,得意浓时便可休。By deep thought proper back first, when in thick can take。

  24、让自己一边成熟,一边寻找时机。等时机成熟时,理想就可以实现了。Let oneself mature, while looking for opportunity。 Such as the time is right, the ideal can be realized。

  25、成功就是凭着勇气和努力,不断地超越自己,做最好的自己。Success is with courage and hard work, constantly transcend yourself, do your best。

  26、你要求的次数越多,你就越容易得到你想要的东西,而且也会享受到更多的乐趣。The more you ask, the easier it is for you to get what you want, but also can enjoy more fun。

  27、昨天很重要,它构建了我们的记忆;明天很重要,它让我们有了憧憬和梦想。Yesterday is very important, it builds our memory; Tomorrow is very important, it gives us hopes and dreams。

  28、准备种子,就收获果实;准备努力,就收获成功;准备今天,就收获明天。To prepare seed, we harvest the fruit; Ready to work hard, there is harvest success; Prepare today, harvest tomorrow。

  29、意志力是人的一条救生索,它可以帮助我们脱离困境,引导我们走向胜利。Willpower is a lifeline, it can help us out of the woods, lead us to victory。

  30、实现自己既定的目标,必须能耐得住寂寞单干。Achieve the goal of their established, can withstand must be lonely alone。

  31、发现自己的闪光点,挖掘自己的潜能,做你真正喜欢的事业。Find the best in myself, digging their own potential, do you really like。

  32、感谢老天爷所降下的雨水,为伤心淤积的心灵刷洗洁净。Thank goodness for the rain, for deposition in heart sad scrub clean。

  33、只有满怀勇气,不畏艰辛,才能获得更大的成功。Only the courage, not afraid of hardship, to achieve greater success。

  34、你纵有千百个理由放弃,也要给自己找一个坚持下去的理由。Longitudinal have hundreds of a reason to give up you, also want to give yourself to find a reason to stick to it。

  35、失败只有一种,那就是半途而废。There is only one kind of failure, that is to fall by the wayside。

  36、平生无一事可瞒人,此是大快。For all things to deceive people, this is big fast。

  37、有压力,但不会被压垮;迷茫,但永不绝望。Have pressure, but will not be overwhelmed; Lost, but never despair。

  38、如果如此运行,周而复始,延绵不竭,那将是一个多么美妙的世界啊!If so, the cycle, or take up, it would be a wonderful world!

  39、要想获得成功,必须肯钻研。只有一样能拿出的手,那么你就是成功人。To succeed, must be willing to study。 Only one out of hand, then you are successful。

  40、如果你孩子贫穷是你父母的罪恶,因为在他小时候,你没有给他正确的人生观。If your child poverty is your parents' evil, because in his childhood, you didn't give him a correct outlook on life。

  41、吃别人所不能吃的苦,忍别人不能忍的气,做别人所不能做的事,就能享受别人所不能享受的一切。Eat other people can't eat bitter, endure other people can't endure, do what others cannot do, you can enjoy other people cannot enjoy everything。

  42、不要把成功想得太遥远,有时候,它离我们很近,只是由于我们的疏忽而与它失之交臂。Don't think too far successful, sometimes, it is quite near to us, just because of our negligence with it。

  43、时间是宝贵的,抓住了时间就抓住了成功。Time is precious, grasp the time。

  44、忍别人所不能忍的痛,吃别人所不能吃的苦,是为了收获别人得不到的收获。Endure other people can't endure the pain, eat other people can't eat bitterness, in order to reap others get harvest。

  45、成功的秘诀就在于多努力一次。为了成功,你努力了多少次?The secret of success lies in how hard again。 In order to succeed, how many times have you tried?

  46、即使没有成功,但是你尽力了,你的人生也一定与众不同。Even if no success, but you do your best, your life will be different。

  47、只要厄运打不垮信念,希望之光就会驱散绝望之云。As long as the fate can't break faith, the light of hope will dispel clouds of despair。

  48、人家比我们强,我们向人家学;人家不如我们,我们要帮人一把。The somebody else better than us, we ask the school; The somebody else than us, we are going to gang。

  49、恶是犁头,善是泥,善人常被恶人欺,铁打犁头年年坏,未见田中换烂泥。Evil is ploughshares, good is the mud, good is often the wicked deceit, iron plowshare bad year after year, no change tanaka mud。

  50、第二天叫醒我的不是闹钟,其实,是梦想!The second day wake up my not alarm clock, in fact, is a dream!

  51、努力可能失败,但放弃则意味着永远不可能成功。Efforts may fail, but to give up means that can never be successful。

  52、是非以不辩为解脱,烦恼以忍辱为智慧,办事以尽力为有功。Is not to argue for relief, troubles in shame, for wisdom, handle affairs to do our best to active。

  53、成功离你很近,只要再多一点点坚持,你就会尝到胜利的果实。Success is close to you, as long as a little more persistence, you will taste the fruits of victory。

  54、面对人生的磨难,请用你的毅力创造生命的奇迹吧!In the face of the hardships of life, please use your willpower to create the miracle of life!

  55、生活若剥去理想、梦想、幻想,那生命便只是一堆空架子。If life peels off the ideal, dream, fantasy, that life is just a pile of mere skeleton。

  56、不为失败找理由,要为成功找方法。No excuses for failure, want to find methods for success。

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