I was one with 13 years of teaching experience in physical education teachers, secondary school physical education in a title, came to xx secondary schools until the school work in xx.
  In professional sports, I am good at basketball, volleyball and badminton; in quality development, I have participated in Aptech ACCP professional learning, and access to Beida Jade Bird and the joint approach the Ministry of Labor, “junior software engineer” certificates, compare savvy knowledge, focusing on the construction and management of dynamic Web sites can be skilled in using office software and Dreamweaver, Flash and other software, have been alone for the xx area of Justice and the Organization Department established a unit website.
  Past achievements have changed with the disappearance of the original schools, wiped out, and I will state the beginning of a new teachers in my school work xx. In the xx distinctive secondary education and teaching under the influence of management mode, in this warm and harmonious family, I must give full play to their advantages, and actively join the Cottage in education, to become a good teacher.
  Good morning, ladies and gentlemen:
  It's my great honor to stand here, introducing myself to you. Thank you for giving me the chance. Since this is my first time to stand on the stage and speaking English to a group of professors and experts, I feel a little bit nervous. However, I'll try best to behave well. My name is Li Guohan and my English name is Tom(你可以改别的名字,我只是找了个最简单的), so you can call me Tom if you like. I'm 22 years old and I come from Yongding, a county in the west of Fujian Province.
  That's a small but beautiful place and famous for its Earthen Building and its  people are very hospitable. Next time, if you go and visit my hometown, I'll be very glad to be your guide. I've heard so much about your achievements since I entered this university four years ago. And I feel quite respectful of you , dreaming that one day I can become your student.
  I was born in a small village. Both of my parents are farmers. They work hard with their own hands, giving me money to go to school. I learn a lot from my parents, such as, hard-working, thrift, modest and so on. I don't think I'm inferior to others just because I come from a poor family. On the contrary, my family background had made me into a hard-working and confident person. I often tell myself that I should trust myself and live happily. Also, my parents and teachers often encourage me to do the things I like.
  I can still remember the little boat I made when I was only a child. The boat was driven by the batteries. I put it in a pond and its engine started but could not move. I felt very sad at that time, since I had spent much time and money on it. But when one of my uncles saw this ,he said that's a terrific invention. I cannot forget that surprised look on his face. He said I was so clever that he called me Little Edison. At that time, I didn't know who Edison was, but I did think he must be a great inventor.
  Maybe he had invented some kind of boat driven by the batteries like me! It was silly, right? But as a child, I was too young to know Edison and actually, my uncle's words gave me much confidence. And here, I would like to tell you another thing that has great influence on me. When I was in primary school, I had a very young and beautiful Chinese teacher and she was very kind to us.
  One day, she read my composition out in front of all classmates and said it was well-written. What's more, she asked my classmates to learn from me. At that moment, I thought I was the happiest person all over the world. Since then, I have always been telling me that I am an outstanding person and I am able to do things well. Now, I am an optimistic and confident person, I think this is closely related to their encouragement.  I should say I would be another person without their encouragement!
  Now I would like to say something about my family. As I said just now, my family is not rich, but it's a happy family. My father is a careful man and my mother is a person who can do things quickly and highly efficient. They seem to quarrel forever, but I know they love each other very much. And of course, they love me, their son! I think I have inherited all their strong points! I like  to make toys to play by myself in my childhood, and now I'm quite keen on making real objects but I have little chance to do that when I was still studying. So I sincerely hope that I can have the opportunity to realize my dream-designing and making things by myself!
  Now we've already entered the information age. With the development of science and technology, our country and our army need researchers in circuit design. I choose this as my major not only because it's useful but more importantly, because I really like it. If I can be enrolled , I will treasure such a valuable chance to study well and I will fulfill my promise. That is, do things carefully, behave well and live confidently. If I have such a chance , my goal is to become a professional worker in circuit design three years later and to become an electrical engineer in the future.
  (As everyone knows our enrollment is a two-way selection. If possible, I want to say one more thing: My dear professors,  I respect all of you very much. But I do hope that we can also become friends. )
  That's all for my introduction. Thank you for listening to me
  Please allow me to introduce myself in a minute. My name is Han Meimei, graduated from Normal University Department of English majors, has now been speaking
  Level six level.
  I am steady, practical work hard, have a strong team spirit, diligent, hard-working, obedience to superior orders to listen to
  From the command. During the school actively participate in various activities, for three consecutive years as a member of the study, business English writing ability, had a brief
  English teaching experience.
  In class, I encourage students to voice their opinions and to approach to the way of learning English, because I think that learning is a kind of personalized
  Process. Everyone should become a critical thinker in my class, I want to be a good teacher in the true sense of the. Iam not the traditional
  Teacher. I think in my classroom English teaching reform. I hope I can do something to change the present situation of English teaching.
  Finally, I hope that their personal expertise in English teachers post, contribute to the cause of education.


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