My name is  xxxx yangjiang Yang west county from guangdong. This year, 20 years old, though, read the study in college, but not both outside and indignities! This year, learn the freshman year is architecture.
  Half semester, I remember seem listen carefully to several classes, everything else is playing phone! I'm kinda sick of my professional! I became more and more interested in economics, is one of the reasons it can let me soon. I have time to take the business model of study.
  I now is guangzhou tianhe longdong fishing losartan guangdong engineering institute, just as its name implies, college. I don't imagine the school so beautiful, so the lifeless around! But here you also want to pack me back? Slowly accustomed to.
  I this person is more like that is lively outgoing boy, but not very sunshine is eventually I not handsome. I like playing basketball, table tennis, running. In this special that basketball to say: I have one meter tall, thin eight, jumped up also can grab boards, so there are people that evening to play, but I don't technology is a problem, so I didn't win that brings pride! Each back always sweat! The sweat stream into his forehead, very afflictive. This is almost every time I play basketball.
  I talk about my character. I was the stronger, can endure hardships. But my mind is that enough capacious, other mistakes. And I find myself light will say won't do, in many, but not always go out!
  I don't like the human who owe anybody, so I don't like others owe me one. QianZhaiHaiQian, help you help me back to you next time I won't help otherwise, I think so.
  Good morning, my name is jack, which is indeed a great honor to have the opportunity to interview, I would like to answer you may increase and I hope I can become a good performance today, the final register for the prestigious The University in September.
  Now I will briefly introduce myself, I am 21 years old, born in Heilongjiang Province, northeast of China, I curruently senior students in Beijing are mainly two uni.my packaging engineering.and I received my bachelor's degree, I graduated june.in the past four years, I spent most of my time to learn, I have been through CET4 / 6, so as to alleviate.
  I have a basic knowledge of the packaging and publication in the theory and practice. In addition, I also took part in some of the packaging exhibition held in Beijing, which is our advantage here to learn, I have taken to visit a number of large factories and companies.
  Through these I have a profound understanding of the domestic packaging industry. Compared to developed countries, such as us, unfortunately, although we have made remarkable progress since 1978, China's packaging industry is still underdeveloped, chaos and instability, which the staff in this regard The awkard. But I have full confidence in a brighter future, if only we can maintain the economic growth pace still.
  I think you might be interested in the reasons for itch in accordance with the law, what is my plan during graduate study life, I have to tell you that my life-long pursuit of legal pursuit of the goal, I think I have a major packaging and I won “t give up If I can continue my master's degree, I will combine law with my education predecessor.
  I will work hard in the thesefields, patents, trademarks, copyrights, and on that basis I have many years of research department of p & P, my character ? I can not describe, but I know that I am very optimistic and self-confidence. Sometimes I prefer to stay alone, reading, listening to music, but I do not lonely, I like to chat with my fellow students, almost all the talking, my favorite Pastime is valleyball, playing cards or surf the Web. University through life, I learned how to balance learning and entertainment. By the way, I am an actor of our amazing drama club. I have a few glorious memory on stage. This is my pride.
  Good morning/afternoon/evening, my name is XXX. It is really a great honor to have this opportunity/chance to introduce myself.
  Generally speaking ,I am a hard working student especially do the thing I am interested in. I will try my best to finish it no matter how difficult it is. Furthermore,I am a person with great perserverence. during the days preparing for the colledge-entrance examination,I insist on running every day, no matter what the weather was like.and just owning to this,i could concentrate on my study and succeeded in the end.
  well ,in my spare time ,i like basketball, tennis and chinese chess. And English is my favorate subject.I often go to English corner to practise my oral English on every thursday,and write compositions to improve my witten ability .but I know my English is not good enough ,I will continue studying hard.
  Ok, that is all,thank you for your attention.
  Hello,everyone!it's my honor to be here and present myself to you!I'm XXX and majored in XXX of XXX institute,now position in secretary of class level Youth League branch and chairman of university level Students' Union,catholical and pleasant personality makes me take part in all kinds of activities and shows good behavior especially in my merit singing and piano playing.
  I'm eager for this opportunity to participate in the international summer camp held in our university this time and to communicate face to face with peers from all over the world.
  If I get the chance I will show the elegant demeanor of students from our university and be a excellent host to the best of my ability as well as learn from the others simultaneously.


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