My name is Zhao Wanjun. Wanjun is my given name. Wan means sweet and Jun means person, so my name means a sweet-tempered girl. I actually am! But you can call me June, for your convenience, j-u-n-e, it's similar to my Chinese name Jun. I am from Enping, a small city in the southwest of Guangdong Province, near HongKong and Macao. Maybe you have never been there before, it's well known for the hot springs there.
  In 2003, I got the highest score in the College Entrance Examinations in my city and entered Zhongshan University. My major is Computer Science. My GPA ranks in the top 40% among all students, but I have stronger C programming skills than many others. Also, I was the first one to learn Java in my class.
  I was chosen by a teacher of mine to participate in his project. The project was about a LAN chat room, and I developed the instant messaging system in it. I was the only female student in this project team.
  Besides study and the project, I worked in the Student Union for two years, first year as a member, next year promoted to be the General Secretary. My colleagues describe me as a reliable and considerate person.
  IBM is top on my job hunting list for of the reasons you hear every day. I look forward to joining a famous company as it means good training, good pay, and good people to work with, just like you gentlemen! (点评: 有互动。)
  Technical Support Engineer is my ideal job because I have both a technical background and the ability to deal with clients. Also, traveling isn't a problem although I am a woman. (备注: 如果面对老外面试官, 则不谈性别。如果和中国面试官用英文面试, 则可以谈论性别差异。此乃文化差异。) I am quite an athlete, you see, I've been jogging in the morning for over two years! That's all of my self introduction, thank you!
  Good morning,my distinguished professors :  It's my pleasure to be given a chance for this interview,my name is***,I come from yueyang,a cultural and tourist city, and my undergraduate period will be accompanished from Foreign Language Department  of **  Normal  University soon in June this year.
  Generally speaking,I'm an industrious student ,among the many things that I count as  the essence in my life and study is a little endowment of certain aspects and a considerable proportion of perseverance.
  In the course of  my language learning, be it my mother tongue,English or Japanese,I have been always fond of and curious about the differing accents and ways of organizing utterances when I was exposed to them,thus gradually forming a habit of mimicing any language or dialect the moment I hear it  ,sometimes ,it's like a self –conversation  thing.
  During the last 3 years ,I've sought  every possible chance in my spare time to practice my language ability and promote myself in English teaching and communication.
  I used to work partime with a foreign teacher in a language training school for the purpose of helping pupils to develop their oral English.besides,I was also involved in personal intuition and speech contest.furthermore,at the
  relaxing times,I would talk to foreign friends online,it's a very fantastic way of getting closer to another language and its culture ,it's this part that I 'm so interested in.
  I have been admiring the long history and its good atmosphere of Hunan University since my high school years,If I could continue to study here for postgraduate years,I believe I won't fail you.   Well ,that's all ,thanks for your attention.
  Dear ***,
  I am **** .I am that a man is brave is *** circle graduates.The speciality is measured and maintained,Graduate from the **** college of auto industry of *****.
  I study specialized course diligently in the time at school, train one's own self-study ability.Have been admitted to the time at school car steering * and shone,Repair the card in automobile intermediate.Being admitted to the automobile sale and after-sale service speciality of undergraduate course of self-study examination of the university of Jilin.
  To always load in Jetta and fields lying fallow in rotation of the treasure of our company one is practised,Receive the leader's trust, with the heavy repair shop of the Audi now.
  Today, the automobile is fierce in competition , it is higher and higher to people's demand.I like the automobile very much, I like the work of the automobile very much too.I can be competent at the company and hand over any post to me.I is it is it hope leader can give me chance to let me make contribution for company to proGREss to demand actively.Let me offer some strength for beautiful tomorrow of the company,Express gratitude to the leader's culture.
  Thanks for your attention,that's all.
  Good morning teachers,
  It's really a great honor to introduce myself to all of you here. My name is ×××, ××years old. I come from ××, a rich cultural history city, north of ××province. Currently I am a senior student at ×× University, located in××, a city famous for it's prospers economy. My major is ×× and I will receive my bachelor's degree after my graduation in July.
  In the past four years, I have being spending most of my time on studying. It was my painful and industrious study that made me win the scholarship many times. I have passed CET-6 with ease & I have acquired basic knowledge of ×× (my major)。
  Generally speaking, I am a confident,optimistic & hard working student. I will try my best to do well in everything especially that I am interested in. I show great enthusiasm about ××, I will take it as my long-life pursuit & won't give up.Besides, I am acute in observing & creative at thing, which arecrucial to the experimental research work.
  In my spare time I enjoyreading & listening to the radio. At weekends I like playingpingpang with my classmates. Thorough college life, I have learnt howto balance between studying & entertainment.
  That's all. Thanks for your attention.


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